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What is it?

Zabbly is the business name used by Stéphane Graber for his various projects.
It's a sole proprietership registered in the province of Quebec, Canada.

What does it mean?

The name Zabbly doesn't mean anything, it's a completely randomly generated name which happens to be easily pronouncable, spellable and most importantly wasn't already used by anyone!


Canada GST/HST: 70554 7743 RT0001
Quebec QST: 4010662546 TQ0001
Quebec NEQ: 2278859170



The Linux Containers project is the home of Incus, LXC, LXCFS, Distrobuilder and a variety of associated bindings and tools.

Stéphane Graber has been the project leader for the project for about a decade now, helping with contributions, releases and security of the projects.

Additionally Zabbly provides the project with its entire infrastructure, including web hosting, CI/CD, development lab and image building and distribution.

Kernel and ZFS builds

Zabbly provides tested and supported builds for the mainline Linux kernel as well as for ZFS.

Those are available for both Intel/AMD and Arm systems for both Ubuntu and Debian users.


NorthSec is a yearly cybersecurity event in Montreal providing a conference, CTF and professional trainings.

Stéphane Graber is the VP of infrastructure for the non-profit and handles both the on-site and year-long infrastructure.

This includes providing a private cloud environment suitable for the deployment of tens of thousands of containers and virtual machines as used by the CTF.


AS399760 is a small ISP operating the BGP Autonomous System (AS) 399760.

It's a member of the Montreal Internet Exchange (QIX) and peers there with a variety of other local networks.

Its primary uses are to provide connectivity for the servers used to host LinuxContainers, this website and a variety of other services as well as provide network connectivity services to some other organizations like NorthSec.


On top of NorthSec already mentioned above, Stéphane Graber is also an organizer of the yearly containers micro-conference at Linux Plumbers as well as one of the organizers of the containers and kernel devrooms at FOSDEM.

Those two events are great opportunities for developers and users to chat about the future of container technologies and associated kernel features.


For Incus specific services, please see the dedicated page.

Support services for Incus, LXC, LXCFS and Distrobuilder as well as the Linux kernel and ZFS builds produced by Zabbly.


Analysis, implementation and contribution of new features or bugfixes in open source software projects.


Assistance with in-house projects, design review, collaboration on implementation and assistance with upstreaming.


Training on low level Linux features, containers, virtualization, networking, distributed systems and security.

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E-mail: info@zabbly.com

Github: zabbly

Twitter: @stgraber

Mastodon: @stgraber@hachyderm.io