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Incus services


Zabbly offers a variety of options when it comes to Incus support.
The fastest and most flexible is the prepaid support as with it, you can just reach out as soon as you need support and get your problem sorted quickly.
The alternative is on-demand support which is a bit more expensive and for new customers, will require an initial payment prior to any work occuring.

Those support options are provided to users running our stable packages.
Support can be negotiated for users of other packages or distributions on a case by case basis.
Additionally, while not required, the use of our kernel packages will also allow for assistance for issues related to the Linux

Service Detail Price
Prepaid support E-mail, 12h response time 1500 CAD per 5 hours pack
On-demand support E-mail, 12h response time (after account setup) 400 CAD per hour

Shorter response times during North American business hours may be negotiated at an extra cost.


Zabbly provides some specific services to help with the initial deployment of Incus or migration to Incus from LXD.

Those services assume the use of our stable packages.

Service Detail Price
Single system migration from LXD to Incus 500 CAD
Cluster migration from LXD to Incus Up to 50 machines in the cluster 1000 CAD
Deployment and configuration review Analyze of system and Incus settings
Settings, Security and Performance
250 CAD per hour

The migration services include an initial assessment of the environment to be migrated, scheduling an appropriate maintenance window, running the automated migration tool (lxd-to-incus), handling any potential failure of the automated migration and a final post-migration check to ensure everything is working as expected.


Zabbly can provide training on a variety of Incus topics.
This can range from covering all common Incus features for regular users, to advanced administrator training for clustered environments or even training on the internals of Incus and how to modify it.

All trainings come with access to a remote lab environment for every registered attendee.

Service Detail Price
Virtual training Up to 10 attendees 1000 CAD per half day (3h)
In-person training Up to 10 attendees 3000 CAD per day + travel expenses

Larger groups can be accomodated for an additional cost, however smaller groups are preferred to allow for more individual interactions.


Zabbly can be directly contracted to work on specific Incus features or to work on software and solutions that need to integrate with Incus.

For such cases, an initial analysis of the work and its suitability for the project will first be done and then a custom cost estimate will be provided.

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All prices are without tax and in CAD (Canadian Dollar), final prices and taxes to be provided as part of estimate and invoice.

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